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  • Minitab:  Minitab is a piece of software that aids in data analysis. Statistic data can be entered easily and efficiently using this program.
  • Biostatistics:  A combination of statistics and biology is used for clinical trials and medical and scientific studies. Furthermore, it is used in medical research, health services, and biological laboratories.
  • GRETL:  There was a graphical user interface, an econometric package, and a command-line client application.
  • EViews :  An econometric viewpoint is represented. A statistical instrument for evaluating and analyzing economic data, it is primarily used for evaluation and analysis.
  • MATLAB:  It is called Matrix Laboratory. Statistical analysis, linear algebra, and numerical integration are mathematical operations it can perform.
  • MegaStat :  An Excel workbook can be used to conduct statistical analysis with this Excel add-in. Statistics, hypothesis testing, probability calculations, and frequency distributions are all performed by it.

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