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How to Get Your Email Delivered and Read

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    Faisal Hossain

    Getting Your Email Delivered and Read

    Having an opt-in subscriber list is the single most powerful asset you can have in your online business. The main advantage of an opt-in list is that you no longer have to wait for people to get to your website or blog. Therefore it is imperative that you have a great sign-up process to attract visitors for the purpose of sending them your follow-up messages. There are a few essential things you can do to improve your current email marketing campaign and to make sure your customers stay subscribed.

    Catch Them With Your Subject Line

    The first thing to think about when coming up with a highly effective email marketing campaign is your subject line. Too many people simply gloss over this area because it doesn’t seem to be all that important. However, it’s a big mistake believing that visitors are business leads going to be thrilled every time they get an email from you just because they signed up for your list unless you’ve already achieved some kind of popular status.

    These days, most people are very cautious when it comes to giving out their personal information, including their email address. Your subject line has to promise something worthy of their time. Of course, your content also has to deliver on that promise. Otherwise, your subscriber will be gone in a flash.

    Spam Trigger Alert

    There are some phrases which are more apt to trigger spam filters. Typically these are often related to money making scams or worthless ‘health/fitness’ products. It’s worth your time to do a quick search for a list of the current problematic words. You’ll want to avoid these phrases at all costs so that your messages not only get delivered, but are most welcomed by your subscribers.

    Make Personalization Your Friend

    Addressing people by their proper first name is not only friendly, it shows a high degree of respect. Today’s email delivery services make it easy to collect and use this information to personalize your messages. Even if you are sending out thousands of emails, each one can appear like the only one to your subscribers. This is one super-simple yet powerful tip that should be used in all of your communications. It is said that the sound of a person’s own name is the sweetest thing to their ears.

    Keep Them With Your Content

    We’ve all been duped by emails that capture our curiosity and attention with a trick subject line only to be disappointed and/or very annoyed once we open the message. Of course, you’ll be providing only great content. The best and easiest way to do this is to give short valuable tips that your readers can implement immediately. They will appreciate the usefulness and brevity and they’ll look forward to your future emails.

    Once you have their trust, they’ll be more likely to click on your links for more information. As time goes on they’ll begin acting on your recommendations. NOW you’re in business!

    The Last Word

    Getting your email delivered and read is easier when you remember these critical points:

    Use captivating subject lines
    Avoid phrases that trigger spam filters
    Use rationalization at all times
    Provide highly valuable (and brief) content
    Link to expanded content for those who want more

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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