Are you a language teacher?

  • Do you teach Languages for Specific Purposes?
  • Do you think you will teach Language for Specific Purposes?
  • Do you want to know more about LSP?
  • Do you want some practical tips to energize your classroom?
    Are you interested in blended and remote learning?
  • Do you want to share your ideas and questions with others who are in the same boat?


Are you a freelance language teacher?

  • Do you want to grow your student base?


CATAPULT is for you

CATAPULT (Computer Assisted Training and Platforms to Upskill Language Teachers) provides mooc based training in Language for Specific Purpose Teaching both for classroom teachers and those who work in distance mode

For practitioners

  • it offers activities and ideas you can adapt to your own students
  • It provides a community of practice forum to share expertise and ideas without having to scroll through a list of entries until you find something you like.

For teacher researchers (and those who want to know more) 

  • it provides a theoretical framework that underpins LSP teaching and a wealth of articles taken from a wide range of LSP contexts


For teacher trainers

  • it provides summaries of current literature and a theoretical framework that can be incorporated into pre-service or in-service courses.


For freelancers

  • it provides a marketing and matching platform, joining teachers with prospective clients


CATAPULT brings together 3 renowned European universities, 2 private specialist training and distance learning companies and an international certifying body under the umbrella EU Erasmus +. It taps into expertise in research, teacher training, materials development and online educational design – both from within the consortium and through a panel of specialist advisers.

This is an opportunity:

  • For those who want to feel more sure of themselves as they move into LSP
  • For those who feel they missed out on training before they started LSP
  • For those who want to know more about using digital tools in their classrooms
  • For those who simply want to grow their own knowledge, skills and contacts.
The CATAPULT project comprises 5 outputs:
A Situational Survey

to study LSP teacher job market in higher and adult education and to identify skills gaps

A Common Competence Framework

To serve as the basis for a specific LSP teacher training programme


To upskill language teachers involved in LSP teaching from a dual perspective:
LSP didactics and digital
technology integration

A Community of Practice Platform

To offer trained LSP teachers an online environment to advertise their expertise and find work (face-to-face
sessions and online teaching)

An Accreditation Procedure

To garantee the highest quality of the training offered (MOOC) and to offer certification to trained LSP teachers