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Frans Oosterholt

At the end of the CATAPULT project, a sustainability plan was drawn up for the CATAPULT platforms: the Community of Practice LinguaCoP and its matching tool Linguaclick....

Frans Oosterholt

For immigrant parents in the United States, lack of English-language proficiency can be a barrier to good jobs, healthcare, education and more. Family-school...

Elma Davis

A CV is the ultimate document to land a job immediately. It has a number of factors that can uplift it and help a candidate leave a positive impression on the...

Mariah John

Many students need help with their case study assignments. The primary reason behind this is the complexity of the case studies students are asked to solve. Case Study...

Resource Inventory

Journal: Applied Corpus Linguistics

Contributor: Ton Koenraad

About the journal

Journal: ‘KorDaF- Korpora Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Contributor: Ton Koenraad

KorDaF- Korpora Deutsch als Fremdsprache The journal KorDaF – Korpora De...

The dynamics of recent refugees’ language acquisition: how do their pathways compare to those of other new immigrants?

Contributor: Frans Oosterholt

Do the processes underlying destination-language acquisition differ between recently arrived refugees and other new immigrants? Based on a well-established model of language learning according to which language fluency is a function of efficienc...


Contributor: Ton Koenraad

Age and learning environment: Are children implicit second language learners?

Contributor: Frans Oosterholt

Children are thought to learn second languages (L2s) using primarily implicit mechanisms, in contrast to adults, who primarily rely on explicit language learning. This difference is usually attributed to cognitive maturation, but adults also rec...

Examining variability in the processing of agreement in novice learners: Evidence from event-related potentials.

Contributor: Frans Oosterholt

The present study examines both properties of the language and properties of the learner to better understand variability at the earliest stages of second language (L2) acquisition. We used ...


ECML Publication: Rethinking language education after the experience of Covid – Final report available for download.

European Year of Skills. Organise and submit your event / activity here.


Find a list of (recent) EU project descriptions & results aiming to provide (language) support to refugees and migrants.

The Refold community is a network of connected Discord servers for people using Refold to learn languages.

Xefjord’s Complete Language Series was created with the mission of providing FREE language learning courses for every known living language.

European Year of Skills: The need for professionalising adult basic skills teachers in Europe

Experts in Welsh teaching learn good practices from Language Volunteering

Tensions experienced by teachers of Dutch culturally diverse senior secondary vocational education and training: An exploratory study

Free Webinar, Wednesday 24 May 2023 : Linguistic diversity in the language classroom: some practical ideas

Partnership of schools and civil society organisations to support education of students of varied linguistic backgrounds—The situation in the Czech Republic, Italy and Spain

English for the workplace – looking for new answers – Evan Frendo (IATEFL Harrogate 2023 plenary summary by Sandy Millin)

EURES: Find a job in Europe

Cambridge English Language Learning: Employability Skills. Essential soft skills for career success

The CATAPULT Project’s LSP MOOC (a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course for language teachers to start at April 10. Registration open now.

The Ukrainian language classes helping Britons talk to refugees


Fast track to the labour market? Experiences of learning in an active labour market policy measure for migrant teachers in Sweden

Newly Arrived Migrant Teachers and the Challenges of Reentering Work: Introduction to the Swedish Teaching System

Presentation by Shona Whyte: Converging trends? Cultures of teaching and learning in English for Specific Purposes in the UK and France