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Age and learning environment: Are children implicit second language learners?

Contributor: Frans Oosterholt

Children are thought to learn second languages (L2s) using primarily implicit mechanisms, in contrast to adults, who primarily rely on explicit language learning. This difference is usually attributed to cognitive maturation, but adults also rec...

Examining variability in the processing of agreement in novice learners: Evidence from event-related potentials.

Contributor: Frans Oosterholt

The present study examines both properties of the language and properties of the learner to better understand variability at the earliest stages of second language (L2) acquisition. We used ...

How Can Teachers Maximize Engagement among Multilingual Students?

Contributor: Frans Oosterholt

Inclusive learning strategies and programs for your classroom by: Dr. Jim Cummins...

Revisiting communicative competence in the teaching and assessment of language for specific purposes

Contributor: Frans Oosterholt

Abstract The term communicative competence captures the notion that the ability to use language in interaction requires not just control of linguistic form but also awareness of rules o...

Recognizing and Responding to Stress

Contributor: Ton Koenraad

Working with Needs Analysis

Contributor: Robert Williams



International Perspectives on Corpus Technology for Language Learning – Seminar Series (as of 21 Oct.)

Free British Council publication: Current practice in English-medium education in higher education: Case studies

From Languages for Specific Purposes to English Medium Education. Shona Whyte’s contribution to the 2021 ONELA conference

Linguascope announces ‘The Language Show’, 12th-14th November, a virtual event featuring 50 expert Zoom talks just for MFL teachers

Language Centre Tilburg (NL) launches tutorial modules on Academic Reading


New issue of Language Learning and Technology, October 2021

Ton Koenraad

From The latest issue of Language Learning & TechnologyVolume 25 Number 3, October 2021 I would like to highlight 2 contributions that may well be of special...

New Journal about Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Ton Koenraad

The New (Open Access) Journal of China Computer-Assisted Language Learning published its first issue. The Journal, an initiative of Beijing Foreign Studies University,...

How to upload a notification in LinguaCoP

Frans Oosterholt

Do you want to point out a message, an event, or something else that has to do with language training and/or LSP? For instance this webinar...

CATAPULT’s main Project Results and Policy Recommendations at a glance

Ton Koenraad

Find the interactive summary of CATAPULT's main Project Results and Policy Recommendations by clicking the image...