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Frans Oosterholt

There are platforms coming up that use virtual reality in language learning. For example, you have Panolingo, ImmerseMe, Mondly AR… I have to say that I am not really...

Frans Oosterholt

The other day a language teacher asked me: what does Linguaclick charge? May answer was: Linguaclick doesn’t charge anything at all. In Linguaclick, every teacher...

Frans Oosterholt

Interesting development: language teachers who offer their teaching materials for a small price in their own webshop. Two examples: https://kidsclubenglish.com/ This...

Frans Oosterholt

I read an interesting article by Monika Schmid in The Conversation:...

Resource Inventory


Contributor: Ton Koenraad

Age and learning environment: Are children implicit second language learners?

Contributor: Frans Oosterholt

Children are thought to learn second languages (L2s) using primarily implicit mechanisms, in contrast to adults, who primarily rely on explicit language learning. This difference is usually attributed to cognitive maturation, but adults also rec...

Examining variability in the processing of agreement in novice learners: Evidence from event-related potentials.

Contributor: Frans Oosterholt

The present study examines both properties of the language and properties of the learner to better understand variability at the earliest stages of second language (L2) acquisition. We used ...

How Can Teachers Maximize Engagement among Multilingual Students?

Contributor: Frans Oosterholt

Inclusive learning strategies and programs for your classroom by: Dr. Jim Cummins...

Revisiting communicative competence in the teaching and assessment of language for specific purposes

Contributor: Frans Oosterholt

Abstract The term communicative competence captures the notion that the ability to use language in interaction requires not just control of linguistic form but also awareness of rules o...

Recognizing and Responding to Stress

Contributor: Ton Koenraad

Working with Needs Analysis

Contributor: Robert Williams



Language playfulness of contextual navigators: Young refugees’ linguistic strategies for inclusion in the Netherlands

Task-Based Language Teaching: you can download this book for free until 7th October

Erasmus+, What’s in it for me? Vocational education and Training

CIOL Insights: The Languages Professions II. This report looks into the challenges facing language professionals in 2022.

MICADO – Migrant Integration Cockpits and Dashboards

ESLmooc, sponsered by Brays English, is a great site that offers courses, videos, games and eBooks for English students. And it’s all for free.

Handbook & Framework For A Curriculum available from EU Project FB page: Professional English Language Skills for Employability Across EU (PESE)

Teachers Pay Teachers is the go-to platform created by teachers, for teachers to access the community, content, and tools they need to teach at their best.

Innovating Pedagogy 2021: Open University Innovation Report 9

THE USE OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY IN ESP: CURRENT PRACTICES AND SUGGESTIONS FOR ESP TEACHER EDUCATION | Kakoulli Constantinou | Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes

The project CLIL-HET aims at grouping ESP and CLIL experts / specialists

Wallonia: ‘Language Plan’ to increase employment rate

Professional English Language Skills for Employability Across EU (Project ‘PESE’)

Full asynchronous online course for LSP teacher education and training across the EHEA developed by ErasmusPlus project LSP-TEOC.Pro

Book in Cambridge Elements in Language Teaching series ‘Technology and Language Teaching’ by Ursula Sticler free for download now

April 11, free webinar: ‘Combining German and STEM through a Virtual Reality App’ by Lorna Price (Goethe Institute) in in CLIL Mondays organised by Aston Centre for Applied Linguistics (ACAL)

2022 paper by Anna Fardau Schukking & Ruth Kircher: Professional intercultural communicative competence and labour market integration among highly-educated refugees in the Netherlands

Chapter in Cambridge Handbook of Task-Based Language Teaching: ‘Designing pedagogic tasks for refugees learning English to enter universities in the Netherlands’ by Seyit Gok & Marije Michel

English Academy for Newcomers, EAN. A new NGO specialized in pre-higher education support for newcomers with a refugee background

Groupe d’étude et de recherche en espagnol de spécialité, XIX Encuentro Internacional del GERES: Programa provisional GERES 2022