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Linguaclick is a matching tool, that aims to link language students in an objective and transparent way to the language trainers that suit them best, in terms of learning objectives, methodology, specialty, price, etc.

What makes Linguaclick different?

Our market place for language training is free of charge. Students pay only for language classes, not for mediation.

We believe that the business model of Airbnb, Uber and the like, is not adequate for education in general nor for language training in particular. Why not? First and foremost because of the nature of the relationship between the supplier and the customer in the case of education. Students are not looking for a teacher for 1 or 2 hours. They hope to find a teacher with whom they can build a stable and enduring professional relationship in order to achieve their learning goals. Imagine a client that needs a taxi every Friday to visit a doctor for a indefinite period of time. Imagine a client that wants to rent a vacation bungalow during half a year. Would the taxi driver or the lessor like to make this kind of deals through Uber and Airbnb?

It’s our goal to to keep providing a free service for language students and teachers to promote quality language training for an affordable price.

Linguaclick stresses the importance of Language Training for Specific Purposes.

One of the main reasons mobility within the European Union is not yet as successful as it is in for example the United States, is the big number of different languages. The Linguaclick matching tool helps students to find teachers that can train them to use a foreign language in professional settings, increasing their possibilities to find the job they are looking for. Linguaclick provides LSP teachers with a unique platform to commercialize their specific skills.

The Linguaclick teachers are more important than the Linguaclick platform.

Linguaclick is not a platform that provides language training but one that gives language trainers the possibility to present themselves to possible students. So there is not one Linguaclick methodology. Each teacher has his or her method. And therefore it is important that you, as a language teacher, show in your teacher file what your method is, so every student can find his or her ideal language trainer.

Linguaclick is a tool of LinguaCoP, the CATAPULT Community of Practice for Language Teachers.

Linguaclick is just a tool to match language students and teachers. But behind Linguaclick there is a Community of Practice and the CATAPULT project: Computer Assisted Training And Platforms to Upskill LSP Teachers, funded with support of the European Commission. The CoP aims at sharing best practices, tips & tricks and all information relevant to independent language trainers. We want to detect the needs of freelance language teachers, defend their rights and provide policy makers with advice concerning the freelance language training industry. So far the CATAPULT project has conducted a Situational Survey to study LSP teacher job market in higher and adult education and to identify skills gaps, produced a Common Competence Framework to serve as the basis for a specific LSP teacher training programme and a MOOC to upskill language teachers involved in LSP teaching from a dual perspective: LSP didactics and digital technology integration. We welcome all feedback on Linguaclick, LinguaCoP all the CATAPULT project outputs in our Forum! Many thanks in advance.

Linguaclick allows language teachers to train online and on location

Online language training has grown and is likely to continue to grow, especially as physical contact is discouraged due to the corona crisis. But we are confident that there will always be an important role for language training on location, in particular on the work floor. In Linguaclick you don’t have to choose. You can serve your clients online, on location, or you can blend both online and on location classes in your training practice.

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