ClickView: Teaching Online Masterclass (TOM)

As schools and teachers continue to navigate the new normal, ClickView is here to help, with hundreds of popular, high-quality educational videos made freely available.
In response to the escalating COVID-19 situation, ClickView took action, making their curriculum-aligned primary and secondary videos and resources freely and publicly accessible. Already trusted by over 4500 schools, colleges, and universities around the world, the free site was created by the team within a matter of weeks at the beginning of the pandemic. A taste of ClickView’s best content, resources and tools including interactive quizzes at your fingertips with no account logins, passwords, or subscriptions required to access.

What to expect from our online teaching resources

TOM is a free online teaching resource for educators making the leap into remote teaching and learning. The engaging, self-paced course provides practical approaches to online teaching, with a focus on pedagogy.

You have access to over 50 mini video clips, each just a few minutes in length, combining expert instruction with high-impact graphics.

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Contributor: ton-koenraad
Organization: ClickView
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Year: 2020
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