Data driven learning for CLIL and LSP

This resource about the use of big data in language teaching and learning was originally started to support professional development (PD) activities related to data driven learning (DDL) run by TELLConsult Training.

In addition to several mega corpora it lists a number of other resources, some accompanied with introductory materials such as tutorials, exploratory tasks and sample activities. Especially for LSP professionals the column ‘LSP Corpora & DDL’ has recently been added to facilitate knowledge sharing about specialized corpora and related resources in a range of languages.
Its first entry is ‘Check your Smile’, a digital game-based collaborative language learning website to learn Languages for Specific Purposes and Specific Vocabulary in particular. The platform offers a gamified approach to technical vocabulary development (supporting successful occupational integration) allowing you to learn foreign language vocabulary in specific areas of expertise based on student and/or teacher produced customised word list (which of course offers unique opportunities for collaboration to domain and language specialists.
It is an intiative of LAIRDIL with a current (21-10-2020) membership of 3575 and a related Facebook Group

Furthermore, in the column ‘More Tools & DDL Resources’ we aim (again collectively) to curate tools, materials and teaching practices that are useful for introducing data driven teaching and learning approaches in the classroom. Many of these tools ( e.g. SKELL *) are most helpful for a)  induction purposes as research shows that confronting learners with concordance lines can be intimidating at first and needs to be done with proper guidance b) and because some of the resources proposed also support teachers in creating customised specialised teaching materials and offering made-to-measure online exercises .

While not having the ambition to be comprehensive we plan to include other collective initiatives that aim for even wider coverage, such as ‘Tools for Corpus Linguistics’. A comprehensive list of 242 tools used in corpus analysis.


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