Email tasks for a Business English class

This article  makes practical suggestions about the design of email tasks for use in Business English courses. Based on a study, the author provides pedagogically relevant information about the function of email in internal and external communication, its intimate relationship with spoken communication, the importance of intertextuality in email chains and the length, language and structure of email messages. The study recommends the adoption of a simulation-based approach in which email communication is embedded in a series of interdependent activities that integrate speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Resource Type: Journal (issue, paper) |
Contributor: anna-turula
Organization: English for Specific Purposes
Resource Language: English |
Target Language: English |
Costs: Not Free |
Year: 2012
Curriculum area: Communicative Language Competences | Interaction Strategies | Written Interaction |
Domain: Business and Administration |
CEFR Levels: B1
Educational Context(s): Adult Education |