EPALE Resource Kits

EPALE is a European, multilingual, open membership community of adult learning professionals, including adult educators and trainers, guidance and support staff, researchers and academics, and policymakers.

The COVID-19 emergency is forcing educators across Europe (and the world) to rethink how they design, promote and deliver training.

The shift towards distance learning seems inevitable, both in the present situation and most likely in the near future. EPALE, with its extensive database, can be an invaluable source of inspiration and ideas during this reorganisation process.


So far 2 products for a series of resource kits have been designed to support the work of educators in the field of adult learning The first issue focuses on resources to get you started, including articles, handbooks, good practices and concrete tools to help you turn learning into e-learning.

The second edition of the EPALE Resource kit explores the resources available on the EPALE platform to professionals who are looking to learn new skills and to further their expertise. From soft skills to technologies, from teaching tools to MOOCs and courses, the opportunities are there for you to explore. https://epale.ec.europa.eu/en/track/click/17358/3873
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Contributor: ton-koenraad ton.koenraad@tellconsult.eu
Organization: European Commission > EPALE Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe
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Year: 2020
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