Language learning and professionalization in higher education: pathways to preparing learners and teachers in/for the 21st century

In this volume, edited by Béatrice Dupuy and Muriel Grosbois, language learning and professionalization are explored by addressing the existing gap between pressing needs for enhanced soft skills in work environments wherein technology-mediated, multilingual communication is increasingly the norm, and current foreign language teaching and learning offerings in higher education. Considering theoretical, methodological, and pedagogical perspectives for preparing language learners and teachers in/for the 21st century, this volume’s eight chapters underscore that research findings should inform the design of learning experiences so that people’s communication needs in fast-changing work environments are met and the link between language education and professionalization, within a lifelong learning perspective, is sustained.

Keywords: professionalization, CALL, multimodality, multiliteracies, lifelong learning, curriculum design

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