(Erasmus+) Related projects and relevant initiatives


CORALL – Coaching-oriented Online Resources for the Autonomous Learning of Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP)
Lead partner: Budapest Business School (BBS – Hungary)
Find more info in this brief conference presentation video recording and/or in this recording of the project presentation at the EUROCALL 2021 conference
COOL – The CLIL Open Online Learning project
2018 – 2022
Lead partner: Technical University of Valencia
The project is developing a web3 service where a teacher can paste in text, select the language of the text, add graphics and video, create or attach language exercises/assignments and then automatically create an online webpage with all words linked to free dictionaries in +100 languages.
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Critical Skills for Life and Work
2017 – 2019
Lead partner: University of Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom)
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Language for work – Tools (network & resourcebank) for professional development
2018 –
Lead partner: ECML
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LINGU@NUM – Teaching and learning languages online using digital tasks
2020 – 2023
Lead partner: University of Reunion
LINGUA@NUM is a European-funded Strategic Partnership in the field of Higher Education that aims at promoting innovative practices for language teaching and learning through the relevant use of digital technology, as well as supporting learners and teachers in developing their digital literacy.
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Strategies to Digitalise Adult Education
2017 – 2019
Lead Partner: Inercia Digital (Spain)
This project aims to provide adult education centres with the skills necessary to implement the change that allows them to go from analogical, old-fashioned techniques to a modern-day approach with the use of the new technologies available to educators.
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TRAILS – LSP Teacher Training Summer School
Lead partner: Graduate School of Education of the University of Bordeaux (France).
TRAILs adresses the issue of teacher education and skills development to promote high quality and innovative teaching in the field of Language for Specific Purposes (LSP).
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