4th Edition of the CATAPULT Project’s LSP MOOC March 6, 2022 – May 8, 2022

Ton Koenraad


Teaching LSPs – Season 4

March 6, 2022 – May 8, 2022

The CATAPULT Project’s LSP MOOC is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course for language teachers.

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The course aims to meet the needs of 21st century LSP teachers by offering them training in both LSP didactics and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) integration. The course will enable them to develop some of the key competences identified in the CATAPULT project (see the common competence framework – CCF).


This 8-week course is delivered by a team of European experts in LSP and Computer-Assisted Language Learning and comprises 7 modules.


Over the next 9 weeks, you will learn about LSP pedagogy and ICT integration.

New materials will be released on a weekly basis (as Modules) over a 6-week period (but the course includes a 1-week Spring Break and will remain open for an extra 2 weeks for those of you who have less time to spend on the course every week and therefore require a longer time period to complete all the modules)Each module will deal with a specific topic, with information presented through a combination of videos, written text, and quizzes. There will be many opportunities throughout each module for you to interact with other course participants and to post questions and comments. Questions will be answered by course instructors or/and other participants.

Some of the modules will offer webinars which will provide an opportunity for you to engage with your course instructors and other participants.


You may choose to participate in this course at any of the levels described below, depending on what  you want to get out of the course:

    1. “Browser level”: you want to view and read the course materials to gain an insight into LSP pedagogy. Your objective is to go through the materials each week without doing the quizzes or more complex assignments. Although you are welcome to participate in this way, you will not be awarded any badge or certificate if you choose this option.
    2. “Tester level”: you want to view and read the course materials, but also to take the quizzes in each module to gain badges. You will need to score 50% or above to be awarded the badges.
    3. “Creator level”: you want to view and read the course materials, to take the quizzes in each module and to complete assignments to be awarded a Certificate. In addition to quizzes, you will be expected to complete more complex activities at the end of each module, which may include preparing materials for a class, designing an activity for the classroom, planning a lesson/set of lessons, etc. These will be uploaded onto the platform (instructions will be given on how to do this) for your peers and/or instructors to comment on. All of your completed activities will also be compiled in your own portfolio.

Experience in a classroom setting as a language teacher, and familiarity with pedagogy and/or integrating ICT in language teaching will be an advantage, though it is not a requirement for participating in this MOOC.

  • COST

Participation in the course in the academic year 2021/2022 is free of charge for those intending to engage in the course at browser and tester levels (see above). Those willing to get a certificate (creator level) will have to pay a 15€ fee.


The first step is to join the course by clicking on the “JOIN NOW” button (next to the teaser video) here: Teaching LSPs – Season 4 – CourseNetworking (thecn.com)

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