The Pros and Cons of a Freelance Essay Writer

Many of them dream of offering custom essay help to students and help with their homework. They find comfort in offering information technology assignment help rather than writing a story or an article. People who find more comfort in academic writing often open their own assignment writing service companies after a few years of experience. While the experience of freelancing or starting your own business may feel liberating and exciting, things are not always sunny. There are many downsides to freelancing, and people often fall flat after a hard start. Here are some pros and cons of being a freelance essay writer –
· You can have flexible work hours

Since no one governs you, freelancing allows you to write anytime, anywhere, according to your preference. You can move to the mountains or beaches, sit in a café and continue writing if you want. As long as your laptop batteries are not running out and the students are getting their homework on time, you can customize your work hours as you feel.

· You can decide whom to work with

Many complain about their boss making their life miserable or the office sucking the life out of them. While most salaried employees dread going to work, you have the full right to decide who you want to work with as a freelancer. You always have a multitude of clients, so you can always walk off if you don’t feel comfortable working with someone.

· There is no upper ceiling for income

While working for a company limits your salary and earning opportunities, you can unlock unlimited earning opportunities as a freelancer. You can charge any amount per word, according to your experience, and write as many words as you want. Being a freelancer, you can also engage in multiple professions and earn as much as you want.

· Your work can take over your life

While freelancing may seem liberating, you are also responsible for the mishaps should anything happen. So, freelancers often self-drive themselves to be workaholics and eventually lose track of time sitting under piles of papers and exam questions. Students often request freelancers for their urgent assignments. The rush of deadlines can also make you lose your sleep and sever any ties with your friends and relatives.

· You will face conflicts with clients

Prepare yourself to engage in heated interactions with your clients on a daily basis. Communication gaps happen all the time. Moreover, clients can always cause problems during payments. Many students will try to exploit your services by consulting your ideas and then running off. So, heated interactions will become a part of your life.

· You are responsible for your failure

The freedom of flexible work hours often results in catastrophe. You may have watched the latest Marvel movie the past night and woken up late only to miss a deadline. When you do not get the paychecks, you will constantly be reminded that you are responsible for your own failure.

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