Best Languages to Include In a CV

Elma Davis

A CV is the ultimate document to land a job immediately. It has a number of factors that can uplift it and help a candidate leave a positive impression on the recruiters. One of that factors is the languages that a candidate can speak, especially when applying for a job internationally.

What Languages Should I Include In My CV?

The choice of languages to include on a CV (curriculum vitae) depends on several factors, including your career goals, the industry you’re targeting, and the specific job requirements. However, by the survey conducted by a CV writing service UK, here are some widely recognized languages that can enhance your CV:

  1. English
    Proficiency in English is highly valued in many industries, as it is often considered the global language of business and communication.
  2. Native Language
    Include your native language if it is relevant to the job or if you are applying for a position that requires bilingual or multilingual skills.
  3. Second or Foreign Languages
    If you are fluent or have a high level of proficiency in a second or foreign language, especially if it aligns with the job requirements or the industry you’re targeting, it can be advantageous to include it. Common languages sought after by employers include:

    • Spanish: Widely spoken in many parts of the world and increasingly important in various industries, particularly in the United States.
    • Mandarin Chinese: Due to China’s economic influence, Mandarin Chinese is highly sought after in business and international relations.
    • German: Germany has a strong economy, and proficiency in German can be valuable in industries such as engineering and manufacturing.
    • French: French is spoken in many countries and can be useful in fields such as international relations, hospitality, and tourism.
    • Arabic: Arabic is in demand due to business opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as for diplomatic and intelligence-related positions.
    • Japanese: Proficiency in Japanese can be valuable for careers in technology, engineering, or business dealings with Japanese companies.
    • Russian: Knowledge of Russian is beneficial for careers in international relations, translation, or businesses targeting the Russian-speaking market.
  4. Programming Languages:
    If you are in a technical field or applying for positions that require programming or software development skills, listing relevant programming languages can be advantageous. Popular programming languages include Python, Java, C++, JavaScript, and Ruby.

Remember to only list languages on your CV for which you have a solid level of proficiency. It’s important to be honest about your language skills, as employers may test them during the hiring process.

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