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Ton Koenraad

On behalf of TELLConsult partner Christine Appel (Open Universiteit Catalunya) I am sharing the announcement below.

The tandemMOOC Project, aims to bring together learners of English and Spanish in order to practice their oral skills. This is a free course that takes place over a period of six weeks, starting on the 21th of October. This MOOC is designed to be a complement to regular language courses for adult learners at the B1 level or higher by providing them with additional speaking practice (Spanish/ English) with native speakers via an online videoconferencing tool.

Interesting features for learners is that the MOOC offers the possibility of speaking with a variety of tandem partners using the Roulette Tandem Tool or prearranging a session with the YouChoose Tandem Tool. Both tools launch tasks designed to guide learners in their conversations and to create a communicative need.

Teachers of Spanish might find particularly interesting the portfolio which their learners can download from the platform and bring to class. This contains:
Number of video sessions completed
Total time spent practising
Number of different tandem partners
Feedback they’ve received from native speakers of Spanish
Feedback they’ve provided to their partners
You can find further information about tandemMOOC on our website:


Course Tutors

Am sharing this as, IMO, it provides another interesting way in which you can enrich your teaching practice with third party, Open Educational Resources  (OER) and practices (OEP). See this LinguaCoP  resource to find out more on what OER could mean for your practice.

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