From Classroom to Clinic: A Student’s Guide to Choosing the First Set of Scrubs

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As a healthcare student, it is a thrilling and memorable moment for you when your status upgrades from student to medical professional. One of the joyful moments in your medical journey would be choosing the first set of scrubs. Selecting your first set of scrubs is not just about choosing the gorgeous colors and modern design. It is more about choosing your comfort and companion.

In this guide, we will help aspiring medical professionals make the best-informed decision on buying their first scrub set. We are here with the guide because your scrubs are a statement piece that shows your dedication and commitment to your thriving medical career.

For uplifting your workwear attire, make sure to read the complete guide thoroughly, so that you can invest in the splendid scrubs.

What Are Medical Scrubs?

If you are someone who has no connection/knowledge related to the medical field but wants to gift scrubs to someone special. Before getting into details, let’s quickly discuss the basics of scrubs!

The medical uniforms that were previously known as “Surgical Greens” have become “Scrubs” now. Scrubs are sanitary clothing that offers a shield against all bacteria and germs. Scrubs are usually worn by doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical workers who are involved in patient care. Scrubs set them apart from the people and prevent cross-contamination.

Exploring Fabric Options

Healthcare workers have to wear their scrubs daily. So, choosing a scrub whose fabric is easy to care for and offers durability that can withstand frequent washing is pivotal. To experience the ultimate comfort and boosted breathability, look for a lightweight fabric – as you need to wear the scrubs for extended hours. 

Medical scrubs are available in a vast array of fabrics. The common fabric choices for scrubs are:


The scrubs that are curated from cotton can be your best companion; this miraculous fabric is low maintenance, comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and hypoallergenic. 

Polyester and Spandex Blend

If you want a scrub that is comfortable and flexible, then Polyester and spandex blended fabric is the perfect choice. The exceptional fabric resists tearing and wrinkles. The fabric ensures flexibility without compromising on comfort. The fabric wicks away all the moisture within a minute.

Look For A Perfect Fit

The fitting of the scrubs has a huge impact on your comfort and flexibility during your demanding shifts. Being a medical practitioner, your hours are spent examining and turning sides of the patients. This errand requires an outfit that offers flexibility without splitting a seam. To ensure unmatchable flexibility, you need to invest in a scrub set that gives a perfect fit that is neither too loose nor too tight. 

The perfect fitted scrubs set not only offers flexibility but elevates your professional attire that will turn heads for sure. 

When you are about to buy a scrub set, make sure to pay your precious attention to details like pant inseams, sleeve length, size charts, and waistband designs to get comfortable and the finest fit.


Comfort and flexibility are not the only prime features that make scrubs atypical, functionality also plays its chief role in making scrubs extraordinary. 

Conquer your shifts with full confidence and functionality. Look for scrubs that offer reinforced triple-needle stitching, strengthened seams, spacious pockets, adjustable drawstrings, side vents, badge loops, button plackets, and many more.


  • To stay organized, invest in such a scrub set that features multiple spacious pockets.
  • Reinforced triple-needle stitching and strengthened seam ensure durability.
  • Thanks to an adjustable drawstring and button plackets, you can customize the fit according to your size. 
  • A bungee loop allows you to hang your ID card for quick identification and access. 
  • Side vents promote breathability and flexibility.

Explore Style Options 

While choosing comfortable and functional scrubs, do not overlook your style. Uplift your professional attire by buying stylish scrubs that add a touch of elegance to your gorgeous appearance.  Unlike the traditional times, now many scrub brands offer a variety of colors, unique neck designs, and different pants styles to offer a timeless look to medical workers.


While maintaining a professional image, reflect your dressing sense and personality. Here are some examples of different styles of medical scrubs that will work as a game-changing addition to your workwear wardrobe. 

Styles of Scrubs Tops:

  • V neckline.
  • Mock wrap style.
  • Empire waist style.
  • Henley neckline. 
  • Rib Knit sleeves

Styles of Scrub Pants:

  • Slim leg scrub pants.
  • Straight-leg scrub pants.
  • Jogger scrub pants.
  • Cargo scrub pants.

Role of Scrubs Uniforms 

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The level of excitement of purchasing your first scrub set is beyond imagination. Scrubs are a reliable companion that saves you from cross-contamination. Before buying your first pair of scrubs, you must explore different fabric options and different styles that are mentioned in this guide. 

Look for scrubs that offer the perfect fit and prioritize functionality because medical scrubs impact your work experience. Invest in scrubs that assist you in conquering your medical career with professionalism and confidence.


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