Frans Oosterholt

LinguaCoP is a Community of Practice for language teachers. We hope to inform the language training community with our Blog, to stir discussion with our Forum and to support the practice of language training with our Resource Inventory.

LinguaCoP is an initiative of the CATAPULT project: Computer Assisted Training And Platforms to Upskill LSP Teachers, funded with support of the European Commission. You can find all information about our project in the CATAPULT category of our Blog. So far the CATAPULT project has conducted a Situational Survey to study LSP teacher job market in higher and adult education and to identify skills gaps, produced a Common Competence Framework to serve as the basis for a specific LSP teacher training programme and a MOOC to upskill language teachers involved in LSP teaching from a dual perspective: LSP didactics and digital technology integration. And the CATAPULT project is engaged in the realization of this online Community of Practice and its matching tool: Linguaclick. We welcome all feedback on LinguaCoP, Linguaclick and all the other CATAPULT project outputs in our Forum! Many thanks in advance.

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