New ECML resource website: CEFR-QualiMatrix – A quality assurance matrix for CEFR use

The European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) of the Council of Europe is pleased to announce the completion in both English and French of its CEFR-QualiMatrix resource website “A quality assurance matrix for CEFR use” (, an output of the ECML programme “Languages at the heart of learning” (2016-2019).

The CEFR-QualiMatrix supports teachers and other language education professionals in engaging in curriculum renewal supported by the CEFR action-oriented approach vision of teaching and learning.

Alongside the matrix tool, the website provides a rich collection of resources and promising practices that can be used by different stakeholders at the levels of policy, curriculum development, teaching and assessment.

Find a flyer about CEFR-QualiMatrix project int the Catapult resource library here:

Flyer about the Quality Assurance Matrix for CEFR use project