We have winners ! Hackathon for teachers of languages for specific purposes’ results

Giulia Torresin


Resources to teach languages for specific purposes (namely for a specific profession or subject) are scarce- an initiative to encourage content creation in teams of persons located remotely has been launched by the Catapult partnership.

With the motto “Co-create language resources for languages for specific purposes!”, a hackathon was organized in 12-13 November 2020, as part of DigiEduHack, which is a series of offline and online hackathons happening all around the world for two days, focusing on co-creating the future of education at the digital age.

Participants were students or teachers of languages (including languages for specific purpose) who got together and co-created language resources for their needs. We used Slack for remote group work and Zoom for real-time interactions in small groups of 2-3 persons. 21 persons registered to the hackathon.

The winning team, composed by Margarita Chatzoudi, Elizabetta Cazzolla , Danai Koutsoumpeli, submitted the project “The architecture through historical monuments ». It can be found here. Certificates of participation were given to all team members and the three winners received a gift card of 60 euros each.

Host of the event was Web2Learn, a company specializing in open and social learning services in the vocational and higher education sectors.

Additional links

The hackathon page

The page containing the result of the winning team.

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