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Third edition of Catapult MOOC to start on March 1, 2020

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    Ton Koenraad

    The Consortium is currently hard at work revising course content of Output 3 (LSP MOOC). This Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) aims to upskill general language teachers who want to specialise in LSP pedagogies, as well as LSP teachers interested in updating and expanding their pedagogical repertoire, and in integrating the use of technology in their practice.

    Season 2 of the LSP Teaching MOOC took place in October-December 2020 and gathered 277 participants. Among these, over 70 participants were awarded badges and 15 of them also received a Certificate http://catapult-project.eu/output-5/ for their outstanding contribution as a participant in the course. Congratulations to all of our Season 2 participants!

    Based on the feedback we received from participants, another revision phase to course content is currently underway and will be complete in time for Season 3 of the MOOC which will start on 1st March 2021.

    Take a sneak peek at what participants can expect from the course in the short teaser http://catapult-project.eu/output-3/ and register today for free here: https://www.thecn.com/course/6797773/page

    If you have any questions, pls let us know.

    Caroline Garnier

    Hello – I’m currently in Module 5 of the Catapult MOOC, which has directed me to this website. So far I have to say that the MOOC is everything I’ve been dreaming of for the past 10 years! It’s so lonely out there for LSP teachers… Thank you soooo soooo much for all these materials and resources! It’s a lot of work, but it’s a real new beginning for me after 25 years of teaching 🙂 Congrats on this achievement, which has no doubt required a tremendous amount of work! Really enjoying it, and it’s not over! I’ll keep telling all the LSP teachers I know to do it.

    Ton Koenraad

    Dear Caroline,
    Thanks a lot for sharing your enthusiastic appreciation of what this project is aiming to achieve and YES, informing colleagues of our efforts is exactly the type of action that can contribute to making the project’s results including its platforms sustainable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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