Using H5P Content Types on WordPress or in your C/LMS: Drag and Drop and Interactive Book

In case you are using WordPress you can also create interactive content by adding the H5P plugin to your WordPress site. See e.g. Catapult partner TELLConsult’s website for an implementation on a WordPress site trialling the Drag & Drop content type using text from a locally developed, small corpus on LSP teaching & learning: a paragraph of CATAPULT MOOC participant Nergiz Kern’s publication ‘Benefits of technology use in ESP’

For an impression of the functionality of the H5P content type ‘ Interactive Book’ see the online version of  the ‘Benefits of technology use in ESP’ article used as preparation for a TELLConsult workshop on collaborative web-based reading here using the Interactive Book functionality (standard available on Drupal CMS based websites)

For more info on the H5P tools see this blog posted earlier  EdTech, Authoring tools: H5P – LinguaCoP