Teaching materials webshops

Interesting development: language teachers who offer their teaching materials for a small price in their own webshop. Two examples: https://kidsclubenglish.com/ This site has some free resources, such as Teaching tips and Songs, and lots of materials you can buy for a small price, or through purchasing a member pass.

Another example: https://theenglishflows.com/ For teachers of adult and business ESL students. Stella, the founder, states: ‘I firmly believe students learn best through topics that align with their own interests and this is what The English Flows strives to achieve: provide teachers with lesson plans on topics that are current, engaging and relatable, with  clear focus on activities that will encourage conversation and free expression.’ The site offers three subscription plans, one of which is free of charge if you register.

Are there more sites like this? Please let us know in a comment below. And do you think this is a good development? Would it be a good idea if LinguaCoP would bring together all these (semi)commercial initiatives?

Image: Kids Club English