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A Language Teaching Website without commission?

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    Frans Oosterholt

    So here is the big question: can a free, non-commercial website like Linguaclick compete with commercial websites, with huge marketing budgets?

    There are a lot of Websites that offer Language Teaching. See for instance this review: https://www.studyfrenchspanish.com/online-language-teaching/

    The thing is that teachers have to hand over a percentage of their hourly rate to these platforms. Linguaclick, on the other hand, is completely free for teachers and students, as it is an output of CATAPULT, a project funded by the European Union.

    So teachers, what do you prefer: a free matching tool like Linguaclick or a matching tool that charges commission, but with a big marketing budget?

    Nelson Murdock

    The comparison between free platforms like Linguaclick and commercial ones with substantial marketing budgets raises an intriguing question. Would educators lean towards a commission-free solution such as Linguaclick, backed by the EU-funded CATAPULT project, or opt for commission-based platforms highlighted in the review? Your insights on this dynamic and online accounting exam help are highly valued!

    carmelia wood

    Introducing a language teaching website that offers courses without any commission fees. Are you eager to learn a new language but find it difficult to navigate through the overwhelming options available online? Look no further! Our innovative platform allows you to do my course online for me without worrying about additional commission charges.

    alexa Wick

    The catch is that teachers must give these platforms a portion of their hourly pay. Linguaclick, on the other hand, is absolutely free for teachers and students because it is a product of best 2d cartoon animation services usa CATAPULT, a European Union-funded project.

    aemma dare

    Yes, you can teach English without a degree online! While some of the larger online teaching companies do require a degree, many do not. A TEFL certification can give you the professional logo design services karachi training and credentials you need to acquire a job teaching English online.

    Mantri Mantri

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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