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Would like to share information about two resources I recently added to our inventory.
They are both Padlet pages.
The first offers an overview of paper abstracts and videocordings of online presentations at (the online version of) the 2020 EUROCALL conference.
One of the contributions of specific interest for our community (and teachers of Italian in particular) is ‘Data-driven learning for languages other than English: Charting the territory’ (Forti et al., 2020) about presenting MALT-IT2. This stands for “Measuring automatically the level of texts for second or foreign language learners of Italian”. It is a freely accessible online tool that assigns an inputted text to a specific CEFR level. This can be a great tool for producing customised teaching and learning materials.

The second is a Padlet page on using corpus tools in LSP and CLIL.

In addition to links to several mega corpora this resource about the use of big data in language teaching and learning lists a number of other resources, some accompanied with introductory materials such as tutorials, exploratory tasks and sample activities.
Especially for LSP professionals the column ‘LSP Corpora & DDL’ has recently been added to facilitate knowledge sharing about specialized corpora and related resources in a range of languages.
Its current first entry is ‘Check your Smile’, a digital game-based collaborative language learning website to learn Languages for Specific Purposes and Specific Vocabulary in particular.

Furthermore, in the column ‘More Tools & DDL Resources’ we aim (again collectively) to curate tools, materials and teaching practices that are useful for introducing data driven teaching and learning approaches in the classroom.

As the padlet page is editable (no registration required) we hope that thanks to the contributions of our LinguaCoP members to the ‘LSP Corpora & DDL’ and other columns its usefulness for the LSP community will be enhanced.

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