‘One Day CATAPULT Workshop in Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes in Adult and Higher Education’.

We would like to invite you to the ‘One Day CATAPULT Workshop in Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes in Adult and Higher Education’.
The event will take place on Saturday, 17th April between 11.00 – 16.30 (CET) by the CATAPULT Project Members. All teachers, teacher trainers, students and all those who are interested in the theme are welcome to join the workshops, webinars and panel discussions.
Programme time: 11.00 – 16.30 (CET)
Date: Saturday, April 17th
For time zone references please click here – you can find your local time conversion on this site.
Should you have any problems with your registration, please do not hesitate to send an email to Ozlem Yuges ozlem.yuges@icc-languages.eu
If you have any questions please do get in touch with Myriam Fischer: callus@t-online.de
The one-day workshop aims to offer training and tools to language teachers teaching Languages for Specific Purposes (LSPs) in adult and higher education and aims to equip participants with the necessary professional skills to train LSP learners in the digital era.
Best regards, on behalf of:
Myriam Fischer Callus
Language Consultant
EUROLTA Project Manager
Böhmerwaldstr 30
63762 Grossostheim
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ICC, the International Language Association

ICC Home Page: http://www.icc-languages.eu/

EU Project ‘CATAPULT’ to launch MOOC and Community of Practice platform for LSP teachers

The latest developments in the EU Project ‘CATAPULT’ – Computer-Assisted Training And Platforms to Upskill Language for Specific Purposes (LSP) Teachers include the realisation of the beta version of the project’s Teachers’ Community of Practice (CoP) ‘LinguaCoP’. This platform supports LSP teachers to find & share resources and tips and with its matching tool ‘LinguaClick’ facilitates professionals to offer their services, also internationally.
View this short presentation video to see what this online CoP has in store for you and become a member for free.

Furthermore we gladly announce the start of the second (revised) edition of the free online course (MOOC) based on the LSP competence framework on October 10, 2020. Watch this video to get a sneak peek at what course participants can expect. Those interested can already register here:

For more details about these and other project developments see the online version of the latest Newsletter.

Project website: http://catapult-project.eu Twitter: @ProjectCatapult
Ton Koenraad on behalf of Catapult partner TELLConsult