The perfect match

The other day a language teacher asked me: what does Linguaclick charge? May answer was: Linguaclick doesn’t charge anything at all. In Linguaclick, every teacher decides his/her own price. We merely inform students of available teachers, and they contact them directly, without our interference. So Linguaclick would be something like the shop window, but you own the shop.

Linguaclick really believes in independent language teachers. They all are different, they have had different training, different experiences, they use different methods, and of course, they charge different prices.

And we believe that’s good, because language learners are different too. They have different needs and different means. So it all comes down to finding the perfect match between teacher and learner. And that is what Linguaclick is all about.

So, go ahead and find out for yourself:

Afbeelding van Naassom Azevedo via Pixabay

Wallonia: ‘Language Plan’ to increase employment rate

Wallonia: ‘Language Plan’ to increase employment rate

The Belgian region of Wallonia adopted a new ‘Language Plan’. Professional languages training will be organised in professions for which languages are an asset for finding employment. The plan also includes continuing to provide language immersion scholarships for job seekers and students. A total amount of 2.75 million euros is dedicated to it. (Via Mercator Newsletter, July 2022)

Deadline for participation in CATAPULT’s survey ‘Designing LinguaClick & LinguaCoP’s future’ extended till May 3

The EU project CATAPULT, Computer Assisted Training and Platforms to Upskill LSP teachers (Project N°2018-1-FR01-KA204-048053) aims to continue developing its online platforms with a facility for language professionals and potential employers to connect (multilingual LinguaClick ) and providing opportunities for professional contact with colleagues and customised professionalisation to freelance (LSP) language trainers across Europe and beyond (LinguaCop, ).

With the survey ‘Designing LinguaClick & LinguaCoP’s future‘ we want to learn what you find important for the development of our platforms.

Your input will have a strong impact on the update of the platforms.
The survey will stay open until April 5  May 3.

Many thanks in advance!

Latest publicity campaign leads to registrations increase for the upcoming CATAPULT MOOC

Registrations for the project’s online professional development course on LSP teaching appear to have been boosted by the recently started publicity campaign. Since partners were called upon to help intensify use of social media to promote the upcoming MOOC and membership of its Community of Practice ‘LinguaCoP’,  registrations, particularly for the MOOC, have increased dramatically.

With both platforms available since the beginning of September the 44 registrations since the start of the campaign (28 September) are in sharp contrast with the average of some 7 registrations in the previous two weeks.


In addition to posts on communities on Facebook and LinkedIn contributions sent to a number of relevant related projects and organisations, such as the EU Platform EPALE, Mercator European Research Centre and SCILT  were also published through their mailinglists, newsletters or website news sections.


Our Twitter activities were also noticed and retweeted by the EU Erasmus+ organisation.

Great to see so many positive reactions, also now and then leading to renewed contact with colleagues known from previous professional communities and activities.


EU Project ‘CATAPULT’ to launch MOOC and Community of Practice platform for LSP teachers

The latest developments in the EU Project ‘CATAPULT’ – Computer-Assisted Training And Platforms to Upskill Language for Specific Purposes (LSP) Teachers include the realisation of the beta version of the project’s Teachers’ Community of Practice (CoP) ‘LinguaCoP’. This platform supports LSP teachers to find & share resources and tips and with its matching tool ‘LinguaClick’ facilitates professionals to offer their services, also internationally.
View this short presentation video to see what this online CoP has in store for you and become a member for free.

Furthermore we gladly announce the start of the second (revised) edition of the free online course (MOOC) based on the LSP competence framework on October 10, 2020. Watch this video to get a sneak peek at what course participants can expect. Those interested can already register here:

For more details about these and other project developments see the online version of the latest Newsletter.

Project website: Twitter: @ProjectCatapult
Ton Koenraad on behalf of Catapult partner TELLConsult

FAQ for Linguaclick Teachers

We have a FAQ section in Linguaclick, that basically is meant for students. We can imagine that you as a language teacher might have questions, doubts, suggestions, etc. too. If you do, you can express them here, in LinguaCoP, the CATAPULT Community of Practice. You can upload a blog entry in the Linguaclick Category about your experiences as a Linguaclick teacher. You can reply to blog entries such as this one. And you can open a topic or reply to topics in the Linguaclick Forum. Don’t hesitate to leave any comment, because we are very curious about your experiences with the Linguaclick Matching Tool, and eager to improve it!